3# Family walk

Take your whole family out for a walk! Explore in the nature, let your kids run around and play!

There is plenty of activities now a days for being inside, but what kids really need is to have some fresh air and get creative. I remember when I was young, I went around and picked flowers for my soup which I mixed together in a hole which was full of water. That was so entertaining! No need for Playstation, television or Barbie. Simply the nature.

Starting to bring your kid outside for a daily walk is a great way of introducing him for the nature and outdoor activities. It’s also great for the family to have this moment without thinking about bills, work, chores etc. Only being together in the now and enjoying the fresh air. Oh, and super healthy as well!

Even babies loves the great outdoor, especially taking naps outside! I wrap my girl in warm clothes, really pack her in good and put her in the ErgoBaby. Then most of the times she has fallen asleep around a minute after we leave the house.  Try it out, it works like a charm.

Family walk
Do you need a motivation to go outside? Then you can get a dog!
But if you REALLY need a motivation, then get a HUSKY! lol